Born in Milan, after entering the faculty of Architecture Stefano Tartini was scouted as a model and began travelling the world.  This experience helped him broaden his horizons and contributed to the development of his creativity and aesthetic sense.

He has promoted artists, produced and art directed a wide range of projects, designed interiors and created a jewellery line. Everything Stefano does

is connected by a thread where beauty, proportions and a spiritual realm converge into a subtle alchemy.

In his jewels Stefano Tartini seeks to unite seemingly opposite elements: masculine and feminine, etherial and material, sensuality and spirituality.

Shapes, dimensions, colours and textures are defined by a sense of proportions that guides him throughout the creative process.

Noble materials and experienced workmanship. The metals are oxidised, brushed, sanded, polished and set with precious and semi-precious gemstones sourced for their intrinsic qualities and mystery they convey. The jewels are hand crafted in the historical town of Valenza. (Italy)